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All About the Amazon Sword Plant
All About the Amazon Sword Plant from


The Amazon Sword (Echinodorus amazonicus) is a popular aquatic plant native to the Amazon river basin in South America. It is one of the hardiest aquarium plants available and has been used in aquariums for many years. The Amazon Sword is a great choice for beginners due to its hardiness and ease of care. In this article, we will discuss how to plant Amazon Sword in sand.

Choosing the Right Sand

When selecting sand for planting Amazon Sword, it is important to choose the right type. The most suitable sand for this plant is fine, white aquarium sand. This type of sand is specifically designed for use in aquariums and is non-toxic. It is also the best choice for the plant, as it helps to keep the roots healthy and promotes better growth. For best results, avoid using play sand, as this type is not suitable for aquarium use.

Preparing the Sand for Planting

Once you have chosen the right sand for planting your Amazon Sword, it is important to prepare it properly before adding it to the tank. First, rinse the sand with water to remove any dirt or debris. Next, add some of the sand to the tank and stir it around gently for a few minutes to remove any air bubbles. Finally, add the remaining sand and stir it around again to ensure it is evenly distributed.

Planting the Amazon Sword

Once the sand is properly prepared, it is time to plant the Amazon Sword. Start by taking a handful of sand and forming it into a mound. Place the plant on top of the mound and then gently press the sand around the roots to secure the plant in place. Make sure the roots are completely covered, as this will help the plant to take root. Once the Amazon Sword is planted in the sand, add some more sand around the base of the plant to help keep it stable.

Providing the Right Conditions

Once the Amazon Sword is planted in the sand, it is important to provide the right conditions for it to thrive. The plant should be placed in an area of the aquarium that receives medium to high light. It should also be provided with plenty of nutrients, as this will help to promote healthy growth. A regular water change is also recommended to keep the water clean and oxygenated.

Fertilizing the Sand

Fertilizing the sand is also important to ensure the Amazon Sword has the nutrients it needs to thrive. It is best to use a fertilizer specifically designed for aquatic plants, as this will provide the right balance of nutrients for the plant. To fertilize the sand, simply sprinkle the fertilizer over the top of the sand and then gently mix it in. Make sure to follow the instructions on the fertilizer label in order to avoid over-fertilizing.

Keeping the Plant Healthy

Regular maintenance is also important to keep the Amazon Sword healthy. It is important to monitor the water parameters to ensure the water is not too acidic or too alkaline. It is also important to check the sand for any signs of decay or disease, as this can affect the health of the plant. Finally, trimming any dead or dying leaves is recommended to help promote healthy growth.


Planting Amazon Sword in sand is a great way to add a beautiful and hardy plant to your aquarium. It is important to choose the right sand and prepare it properly before planting the Amazon Sword. Additionally, providing the right conditions and fertilizing the sand will help to ensure the plant is healthy and thriving. With the right care, the Amazon Sword can be a beautiful addition to any aquarium.


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