How Many Root Tabs For Amazon Sword?

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Root tabs are a great way to ensure your Amazon Sword has the nutrients needed to stay healthy and thrive in your aquarium. Root tabs are highly recommended for Amazon Sword plants because they provide an easy way to ensure that the root system is getting the nutrients it needs. Root tabs are especially important if you have an aquarium with a substrate that is low in nutrients. But how many root tabs do you need for an Amazon Sword plant?

Why Do You Need Root Tabs for Amazon Sword?

Amazon Sword plants need root tabs to get essential nutrients. Without these nutrients, the plant can become weak, lack vigor, and even die. Root tabs provide essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium that are essential for the plant’s health. Root tabs also provide trace minerals like iron, magnesium, calcium, and manganese that help the plant grow healthy and strong.

How Many Root Tabs Do You Need For An Amazon Sword?

The number of root tabs you need for an Amazon Sword depends on the size of your aquarium and the size of your Amazon Sword plant. A small aquarium with a small Amazon Sword plant only needs one root tab every month. For larger aquariums and Amazon Sword plants, two or three root tabs every month should be sufficient. If your aquarium has a large number of Amazon Sword plants, you may need to increase the number of root tabs.

Where To Place The Root Tabs?

When using root tabs for an Amazon Sword, it’s important to place them in the right spot. The root tab should be placed near the roots of the Amazon Sword plant. It’s best to place the root tab about 1-2 inches below the surface of the substrate. You want the roots to be able to reach the nutrients in the tab, so don’t bury the tab too deep.

How To Place The Root Tabs?

When placing the root tabs, it’s important to be careful. Root tabs are a concentrated source of nutrients, and if placed too close together, they can cause an imbalance in the aquarium. Start by placing one root tab near the root system of the Amazon Sword plant. Then, place the next root tab about 6-8 inches away from the first one. Continue placing the root tabs in this pattern until you’ve placed all the root tabs you need for your aquarium.

How Often Do You Need To Replace Root Tabs?

Root tabs will slowly release their nutrients over time. Depending on the size of your aquarium and the number of root tabs you’re using, you may need to replace the root tabs every month or every few months. It’s best to check the roots of the Amazon Sword plant every month to see if they’re still healthy and getting the nutrients they need. If not, it may be time to replace the root tabs.


When using root tabs for an Amazon Sword plant, it’s important to know how many you need, where to place them, and how often to replace them. With the right number of root tabs and proper placement, you can ensure that your Amazon Sword plant has all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and thrive.


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