Does Brown Spots On An Amazon Sword Mean Anything?

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Amazon swordplants (Echinodorus amazonicus) are an attractive and popular choice for many aquariums. They bring a touch of the tropics with their broad leaves and unique shape. But these plants can sometimes develop brown spots on the leaves, which may worry aquarium hobbyists.

Are these brown spots something to be concerned about? Or are they a natural part of the plant's life cycle? Let's take a look at why Amazon swords develop brown spots, and what you can do about it.

What Causes Brown Spots on Amazon Swords?

Most brown spots on Amazon swords are caused by too much light and heat in the aquarium. This can be especially true if the aquarium is located in direct sunlight. The direct sunlight will cause the leaves to become scorched, leading to brown spots and even dead leaves.

Another possible cause of brown spots is too much fertilizer. Excess fertilizers can cause chemical reactions with the leaves, leading to brown spots.

Finally, brown spots can also be caused by copper-based medications. These medications are often used to treat fish, but can cause damage to plants if not used correctly.

What Should You Do If You Notice Brown Spots?

If you notice brown spots on your Amazon sword, the first thing you should do is check the aquarium's lighting and temperature. If the tank is in direct sunlight, you should move it to a shadier location.

Next, you should check the fertilizers you are using. Make sure you are not over-fertilizing the tank, as this can cause brown spots. If you are using copper-based medications, make sure you are using them correctly and not over-dosing the tank.

Finally, you should check the water parameters of your aquarium. Make sure that the pH and hardness levels are in line with what the Amazon sword needs. If necessary, you can adjust the water parameters to make sure that all the fish and plants in the tank are healthy.

Do Brown Spots Affect the Health of the Plant?

In most cases, brown spots are a symptom of a larger problem, and not a cause of it. If you address the underlying issues, such as too much light or fertilizer, then the brown spots should go away on their own.

That being said, brown spots can sometimes be a sign of disease or infection. If the spots don't go away after you correct the water parameters and lighting, then you should consider treating the tank with a copper-based medication.


Brown spots on an Amazon sword can be caused by a variety of factors, including too much light and heat, too much fertilizer, or copper-based medications. In most cases, the brown spots can be remedied by correcting the underlying issue. However, if the spots don't go away, then it's a good idea to treat the tank with a copper-based medication.


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