Does Amazon Sword Need Root Tabs?

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Live plants are a great addition to any aquarium, adding color, texture and life to the environment. Amazon Sword is a popular plant that is readily available in aquarium stores and can be found in tanks all over the world. While this is a hardy plant that is easy to care for, many aquarium hobbyists wonder if Amazon Sword needs root tabs to grow. Read on to understand the answer and get tips on how to ensure your Sword Plant thrives.

What Are Root Tabs?

Root tabs are fertilizer tabs that are placed in the substrate near the roots of aquarium plants. They are made up of a variety of plant nutrients, such as iron and potassium, that are essential for the growth and health of live plants. Root tabs are designed to slowly release these nutrients into the substrate, providing the plants with a steady supply of nutrients.

Do Amazon Sword Need Root Tabs?

The short answer to this question is that Amazon Sword does not need root tabs to grow, but they can be beneficial. This plant is able to absorb most of its nutrients from the water column. However, root tabs can help provide additional nutrients, helping the plant to grow larger, greener and healthier. Many hobbyists find that root tabs are necessary for larger Amazon Swords, which can deplete the substrate of essential nutrients.

How to Use Root Tabs For Amazon Sword

If you decide to use root tabs for your Amazon Sword, it is important to do so properly. Start by selecting a good quality root tab product, as not all brands are created equal. Read the label to ensure that the product contains a variety of essential plant nutrients and is designed for aquarium use. When you’re ready to apply the root tabs, place them in the substrate near the base of the plant, but not directly against the stem. Make sure to spread the root tabs around the plant, rather than in one spot, so that the nutrients are distributed evenly.

Additional Tips For Amazon Sword Care

In addition to root tabs, there are other things you can do to ensure that your Amazon Sword thrives. Provide the plant with good lighting and a sufficient water flow to ensure that the leaves are getting adequate light and oxygen. Regular water changes can also help to keep the tank clean and free of pollutants. Aquarium hobbyists also recommend adding CO2 to the tank, as this will help the plant to grow larger and faster.

Keeping Your Amazon Sword Healthy

Amazon Sword is a hardy plant that does not require much effort to keep healthy. However, providing the plant with good lighting, CO2, and sufficient nutrients can help it to grow larger and faster. While Amazon Sword does not need root tabs to thrive, many hobbyists find that adding them to the substrate can help to provide the additional nutrients that the plant needs. Just make sure to use a quality product and place the root tabs correctly near the base of the plant.


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